Bees have been our life for forty years now. We know bees very well, we keep them, we move them across Italy in search of the richest blooms. Apicoltura Luca Finocchio’s honeys and products come directly on your tables from unpolluted nectar of plants and flowers thanks to a strong collaboration between nature and a hard-working and close-knit family.

After forty years, the same passion have moulded an innovative and technologically advanced company. Apicoltura Luca Finocchio is today able to move its one thousand hives with 50 million bees with the nomadism technique – producing up to fifteen single-flower honeys – and extracts and pours top quality honey with mechanized systems. Our exceptional quality received in the last years a string of awards during the most prestigious competitions and is today appreciated in Italy and abroad.

We are located in Tornareccio, the historic “capital of honey in the Abruzzo region”. Our town is among the founders of the national association “Le Città del Miele” also thanks to the decisive contribution of our family – with the renewed passion of third generation – to long beekeeping activities.

In our recently renovated building technology and warmth coexist successfully and we welcome clients and numerous classes involved in the educational farm, our successful experience aimed at passing both children and adults on secrets and marvels of flowers, bees, honeys and other deliciousness.