Royal jelly

Royal jelly, which is used exclusively to breed and feed the queen in a beehive, contains many bio-catalysts in a mix of biological components. It may be took by people of any age, especially by adults who perform a very intense life or live a period of physical fatigue. The use of royal jelly helps to recover energy and dynamism and is very effective for athletes and sportspeople. The good results of royal jelly are due to a regular and frequent consumption which must last 30 days at least. Its use must be repeated 3-4 times a year or all times our body needs to recharge. It should be took on an empty stomach in the morning. It can be eaten alone or can also be dissolved in water or other cold drink. It must be stored in a refrigerator at a temperature of 4 degrees.



Pollen has a powdery semblance and is variously coloured. This natural supplement contains many essential substances essential for children’s growth. Pollen is also recommended as reconstituent in all cases of anorexia, wasting and stress. Its beneficial effects on the digestive system are also to be mentioned: pollen has a regulating effect, improving constipation and diarrhoea. Allergic persons should avoid it. It can be eaten alone or with milk, yogurt, cereals and honey.



Propolis is a resin produced by plants and it is used by bees inside the hive. Propolis is especially used for its antibacterial, antifungal, anaesthetic and healing properties. Our solutions are drops or spray, alcoholic and non-alcoholic.