Tornareccio is surrounded by an area rich in history, culture and natural beauties. Just 7 km we find the city of Atessa, a veritable treasure case of architectural and natural beauties, with several churches, such as Saint Leucio cathedral, built in Baroque style, where there is a precious ostensory made by the famous goldsmith Nicola da Guardiagrele. Other two places, in particular, must be seen: the Municipal Theatre, dedicated to the composer Antonio Di Jorio, and the Sassu Museum, the largest museum throughout the world dedicated to the Italian artist, with more than 300 original works.

30 km from Atessa lies the city of Lanciano, the historical capital of the territory known as Frentania. This town is very rich in art and it is famous in the world for its Eucharistic Miracle in Saint Francis church. You can also visit Madonna del Ponte cathedral and Santa Maria Maggiore church with the processional cross in embossed silver by Nicola da Guardiagrele. If you love art, you must visit the Museo Diocesano, with priceless paintings, statues and tapestries within it.

Near to Lanciano there is the coast of the Chieti province, also famous as Trabocchi’s coast: this name refers to the wonderful fishing machinery located from Francavilla to Vasto. Trabocchi are charming restaurants now spread among coves and small beaches with crystal-clear water. Our journey can continue visiting San Giovanni in Venere, an ancient Roman abbey in Fossacesia, where you can enjoy a unique landscape.

Moving from Tornareccio towards the inside of the region, nature rules supreme: the Bomba lake offering attractions, trips and several sports activities is an absolute must-see, together with the village of Bomba, from which the lake takes its name, and the village of Colledimezzo, whose parish church preserves the painting “Madonna col Bambino, San Francesco d’Assisi e il committente” by Tanzio da Varallo. Not far from this village we can visit Villa Santa Maria, also called “Home of the Cooks” thanks to its millenary traditions of chefs and cooks well known all over the world.