Hydromel is an alcoholic drink obtained by fermentation of water and honey. Perhaps it is the oldest fermented drink in the world, even older than beer and wine, because cultivation was not needed to produce it; in ancient times it was known as “the drink of the gods”. Our hydromel is produced with our famous orange honey.


Honey grappas (white, forest fruit, gentian, licorice and orange varieties)

These grappas are natural infusions in distillates of grapes with a touch of pure orange Italian honey that further enriches and enhances taste and tenderness. A drinks for all occasions!


Limoncello with orange honey

A fine liqueur produced with Italian lemons that are peeled by hand according to an old family recipe. Drink it frozen!


Tea and infusions

Black honey tea and honey and dog rose infusion are sweet and tasty combinations, for relishing on any occasion and seasons.


Honey nougats

The tasty mix between Italian orange honey and dried fruit gives an unmistakable deliciousness even to the most refined and delicate palates. It is proposed in the classical and chocolate varieties.


Honey chocolates

Tasty chocolates filled with Italian orange honey, a genuine sin of gluttony!


Candies with beehive products     

A really wide range of candies able to satisfy all palates:

  • Honey candies with mint and liquorice
  • Blueberry candies with honey
  • Propolis candies
  • Strawberry jelly with honey
  • Candies “drops of honey”
  • “Propolona” candies
  • Balsamic candies with lime, mint and eucalyptus honey