Apicoltura Luca Finocchio’s honey means proven quality as it is produced naturally and without sophistication. Our quality means authenticity and deliciousness: all our products are special as they are the result of knowledge, passion and near-obsessive respect for the traditions! A niche product that achieves excellence through constant attention to the various factors influencing every single step of the honey chain.


Selection of areas

We bring our beehives to uncontaminated areas away from polluting sources in order to enable bees to suck only best nectar. From that moment on, the same nectar will become pure honey.


Full control of the honey chain

We pay particular attention to monitoring honey chain as the final product quality depends as much on this factor. We carefully choose collection areas, we control transport and natural honey maturation in combs, we follow honey extractions operations and we assure decanting and potting at the right time. All these stages give our unique honey!


Honey extraction and honey potting

The honey is extracted without heating and placed in pots without pasteurization in order to keep all nutritional and organoleptic properties that make it unique for our wellbeing. Due to this, soon as after being extracted honey is liquid, afterwards it undergoes all natural processes such as crystallisation which is synonymous of quality. Exceptions are the acacia, chestnut and honeydew honeys: they are generally liquid and rarely crystallize because have a higher percentage of fructose. All other honeys gradually crystallize according to the percentage of the two sugars contained in it. Also storage temperature affects this process: honey crystallizes more quickly at 14 °C and deviations from this value affect crystallisation rate. If you want to make liquid a crystallized honey you need to simply dissolve it in a bain-marie never rising above 12 degrees °C. With the great attention paid by Apicoltura Luca Finocchio the amazing product given by the bees is not damaged.



Our flavoured honeys are made up of about 90% of honey, the remaining part is a colorants and gluten-free selected preparation. The only colorants present are natural.



We keep our honeys at controlled temperatures in our renewed warehouse: jars that end up on our tables are the result of a process where passion and attention to details merge.