Luca Finocchio is the company engine: he keeps the bees, he brings the hives from the company to the fields and brings them back when they are honey charged, he leads the honey extraction and potting processes… Our honey is the result of his enthusiasm, competence and forty years experience. “I have to thank my wife Anna and, in particular, my daughters – he says – for the progress made in recent years. I brought with me my own innovative ideas even if my father didn’t entirely approve them, I tried to hand down this enthusiasm to my daughters involving them from an early age as if it was a game to awake their interest; I didn’t force them to take part to the wearisome bees management. I tried to involve my family combining work and passion. My daughters have given a considerable boost to our company. In my opinion, if you want that children keep on with family vocation – he concludes – they should be involved and they should be given a chance. Fathers’ experience and sons’ creativity will certainly bear precious fruit”.

Anna is the wife of Luca and she is the “right-hand” of the company: she takes part in honey extraction and potting phases, and every day she makes a real contribution to the success of Apicoltura Luca Finocchio.

Fabiana is one of Luca’s two daughter: she holds a degree in Business Economics and she continues with the family business. She is responsible for sales and manages all business activities, from marketing to communication, including educational farm and fairs. “My father and my grandfather passed me on passion for this job – she explains. I was born and grown with bees and honey: since I was a child, I helped my family with small tasks so I cannot imagine to live without them! I attended the Faculty of Economics and I wrote two thesis on my family company: the first one on honey production costs and the second one on the company’s internationalization. Even if I have received several job proposals, I can do no other than this job in my life. I am very happy with my choice. I think there can be no better satisfaction than living and believing in the values my family passed on to me. I had a natural need animated by a real interest, a strong enthusiasm and a big sense of duty, rather than a choice. Believing and starting out from their own origin gives happiness and brings unique success… It’s worth it!!! ”

Lisa is the second Luca’s daughter. She is a teacher and she has a degree in Primary Education. She has contributed to the success of the educational farm as she has taken the right pedagogical approach also discussed in her thesis.