Tornareccio has always been the undisputed “capital of honey” in the Abruzzo region: this lead results from its bee-keeping tradition existing since the first half of the last century and today it is confirmed by numerous honey companies, by a production of honey of nearly 10% of the national production and by the fair “Tornareccio Regina di Miele” attracting thousands of visitors even from outside the region in the last weekend of September. These are significant numbers as only 2000 inhabitants live in this village of medieval origins.

it’s really worth visiting Tornareccio to taste our honey and also to admire the extraordinary open-air museum of more than 80 mosaics on the walls of the houses depicting paintings of international artists. Thanks to the idea of the patron and gallerist Alfredo Paglione, Tornareccio has also become for ten years the village of mosaics. The summer exhibition of contemporary art “Un Mosaico per Tornareccio” takes place every year to choose the new works that will be transformed into mosaics by the “Mosaicisti” Group of Ravenna. In addition to that, in August also the School of Mosaic is held. Walking through the squares, churches and lanes you may see many mosaics depicting works of Fioroni, Galliani, Severini, Sassu, Calabria, Ceccobelli, Mattioli, Guccione, Modica, Sughi, Savinio, Licata, Giovannoni, Bulzetti and many others.

This is the best way to discover the beautiful historical centre of Tornareccio with the church of Saint Victory (15th century), the Sanctuary of “Madonna del Carmine” (16th century) or the little church of Saint Rocco (19th century) with the precious painting “via crucis” by Aligi Sassu.

If you really love nature and archaeology, you must take a walk on the Monte Pallano, located just behind Tornareccio. The huge megalithic walls dated 4th century BC, the Hellenistic-Roman age town (2nd century AD), the naturalistic excursions, the various trails for walking on foot or on horseback and the equipped picnic areas make Monte Pallano a must destination. From the top of Monte Pallano, during spring days, one can catch a glimpse of Tremiti Islands, Monte Conero in Marche region and Gargano in Puglia region.